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Healing Ourselves


Healing Ourselves


We manifest uncomfortable symptoms and disease because we are in need of growth, change, and healing on many levels. The longer we avoid looking within, the more uncomfortable our disease becomes.


Often we look for ways to remove the discomfort as quickly as possible so that we can get back to life as usual. “As usual” will never make the change required to create lasting results. The problem might go away for a short time, but it will always return to haunt and remind us that we are in need of change.


Just as relationship conflict is an opportunity for growth and change, inner conflict (disease) is also opportunity for healing. We must respect and love our discomforts within… love ourselves the way we are now. I frequently hear “You can’t have a relationship with someone’s potential.”, this also applies to us an individuals. To achieve a state of inner harmony, we need to accept and embrace who we are, what we are, and what we have to give right now. Once we have achieved this we are open and ready to let go and begin healing. We are no longer obsessed with what we cannot do, or what we are not.


We are all special in the way that we choose to manifest our symptoms and disease. This is true because each of us has a very unique set of life circumstances and unique soul path. This means we need to treat our symptoms and disease in a very special way, very specific to the way our body/soul manifests. Usually the same treatment for everyone with the same labeled group of similar symptoms, does not treat our very specific needs for lasting change.


Often in our search to feel better, we find ourselves looking everywhere outside ourselves, desperately seeking the right pill or that special someone who might have the answers. Instead we must learn to embrace with acceptance the circumstances of our disease and allow it to speak to us and tell us what we need. We frequently do end up needing help outside ourselves but the guidance and way must continue to be led by our inner path.


To heal ourselves we are challenged to let go of life as usual and to love ourselves as we are right now. This frees the pattern and allows for change and true healing.


Mahara Ashlie conducts private phone consultations for alternative healing. She begins with an in depth interview. From the information gathered during the interview she researches her resources to compile a Report of Findings. The in-depth report will provide you with information on alternative treatment plans to address your specific concerns, complaints and life habits. The Reports often include the following individualized guidance: Custom Herbal Formulas, Aromatherapy Formulas, Dietary Suggestions and Menu with Recipes, Affirmations and Lifestyle.