Custom Blends

Custom Blends

Custom Blends and Private Consultations for Alternative Healing

To provide you with a custom formula that is safe and effective it will be necessary to have a consult with the formulator, Mahara Ashlie. Please fill out a contact form below and Mahara will be in touch with you to schedule a consultation.

Full Length Consultations:

Full-length consults are recommended for people with chronic health issues. Beginning with an in depth interview, detailed information is gathered on your specific concerns and complaints. A report of findings is created after research is conducted to create a custom report. The report of findings will provide you with information on alternative treatment plans to address your needs. The reports always include: Custom internal Herbal Formulas, and may include: Aromatherapy Formulas, Dietary Advice with Menu & Recipes, Affirmations and Lifestyle change suggestions depending on your needs and concerns addressed.

Mini Consults:

These are Free 10 minute consults done over the phone to discuss acute conditions and gather information to create a custom herbal formula.

Menopause Mini Consults:

These are Free 10 minute consults done over the phone to discuss uncomfortable symptoms due to menopause or peri- menopause. Required information is gathered to create a custom herbal formula.


Click here for contact form to Mahara Ashlie, Herbalist For Consult


Click here to view the Herbs currently available for Custom Formula blends.


Initial Consult 80.00 per hour
Report of Findings 75.00 per hour
Follow up 70.00 per hour


Custom Tinctures 1st time 39.95 4oz.
Same Formula thereafter 29.95 4oz.


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