Herbal Tea Blends

Herbal Tea Blends

Inspired by the needs we share for our health and well-being. WELSTAR herbal infusions are all Organic herbs whenever possible. We are committed to using the freshest, finest & purest quality herbs available.


All WELSTAR teas taste great warm or cold. We like to make a large batch in the morning and put in a thermos for warm or refrigerator to chill and enjoy tea all day long.

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  • Adrenal herbal tea

    Adrenal herbal tea 3 oz

    For stressed out times use Adrenal Tea to help your body keep up with your lifestyle. Everyone needs to nourish his or her adrenal glands! In this hig... Learn More
  • Bee Calm herbal tea 2 oz

    Bee Calm herbal tea 2 oz

    Bee Calm Tea is useful to settle the soul and relax the body. This tea is calming and soothing, wonderful for children or anyone just needing to settl... Learn More
  • Clearly herbal tea

    Clearly herbal tea 2 oz

    Clearly Tea helps to promote healthy, clear skin. When the skin is congested and creates acne or breakouts it is often due to congested internal elimi... Learn More
  • Fertili-Tea herbal

    Fertili-Tea herbal 2 oz

    For women planning to bear children. Are you wanting or trying to get pregnant? This tea will aide your body in creating fertility. It nourishes your... Learn More
  • Life Force herbal tea 3 oz

    Life Force herbal tea 3 oz

    Life Force Tea is a nutritive and a cleaning aide for the blood and digestive system. This tea is bold and rich tasting due to the high content of roo... Learn More
  • Lighten-Up herbal tea

    Lighten-Up herbal tea 3 oz

    Lighten-Up Tea is useful when you want to lose weight or detox your eliminative organs. If your liver is congested your body doesn’t metabolize fat ... Learn More
  • Mommy-to-be-Tea herbal 2 oz

    Mommy-to-be-Tea herbal 2 oz

    For use during pregnancy to nourish both Momma and baby. A nourishing blend of herbs formulated to help create a smooth pregnancy and labor. Loaded wi... Learn More
  • Sunshine herbal tea

    Sunshine herbal tea 2 oz

    Use Sunshine Tea to cool off and relax. Because this tea helps to keep you cool it is wonderful for summer time, working out, or at the beach. Excelle... Learn More

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