Herbal tinctures

We have over 100 single herb tinctures!

If you don't see something you want call 508-240-1422. 

WELSTAR herbal tinctures are made with organic and wild crafted herbs. They are tinctured in 40% food grade alcohol which gives them a more pleasant taste. If you do not see something you need contact us! We make custom blends and have many more single herb tinctures available.

Click here to view the Herbs currently available as single herb tinctures and for Custom Formula blends.

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  • A-B Heart 2 oz

    A B Heart herbal tincture

    A B Heart was inspired one day when I was talking to a friend about the healing properties of the herbs I grow. He asked, “What do you have for an A... Learn More
  • Defend & Strengthen tincture

    Defend & Strengthen tincture

    Excellent help for the immune system. Defend and Strengthen is especially helpful to any viral or yeast condition. Use Defend & Strengthen at the firs... Learn More
  • Echinacea tincture

    Echinacea tincture 4 oz.

    Echinacea stimulates the overall activity of the cells responsible for fighting all kinds of infection.It makes our own immune cells more efficient at... Learn More
  • Elderberry tincture

    Elderberry tincture 4 oz.

    Elderberry is used for its antioxidant activity, to boost the immune system, to improve heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral i... Learn More
  • Eyebright tincture

    Eyebright tincture 4 oz.

    Eyebright is used for seasonal allergies and other nasal irritations, as an anti-inflammatory for hay fever, sinusitis & upper respiratory tract infec... Learn More
  • EZ-Z herbal tincture

    EZ-Z herbal tincture

    For those who find themselves struggling to get to sleep, EZ-Z helps to promote a restful sleep. Excellent for classic insomnia symptoms. Suggested ... Learn More
  • IB Relief herbal tincture

    IB Relief herbal tincture

    Directly addresses the symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and supports healing. Helps with bloating, gas, constipation, abdominal pain, regula... Learn More
  • Life Force herbal tincture

    Life Force herbal tincture

    A fabulous blood purifying, and cleansing tonic. Life Force also is extremely nutritive. This formula also helps to regulate blood sugar so it is usef... Learn More
  • Poison Ivy blood cleanser tincture

    Poison Ivy blood cleanser tincture

    If you are prone to Poison Ivy this remedy will be your friend forever! For use as a preventative to poison Ivy: Begin use several weeks before possib... Learn More
  • Poison Ivy remedy 4 oz

    Poison Ivy remedy 4 oz

    For use topically, Poison Ivy Remedy is a gel that soothes, cools and calms itching as it is applied. When it dries it acts as a barrier to help preve... Learn More

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